Family Group Home boarding program

Marrara Christian College offers a unique boarding program for up to 100 remote indigenous students.

Boarders live in a suburban house with a mature Christian married couple (a ‘Mum and Dad’ figure)
who care for them full-time. These house parents take boarders to church and youth group, and
arrange sport, weekend activities and healthcare appointments for them. Boarders learn to live in
harmony with others, to be good neighbours and take on responsibilities at home – like chores and

There are currently 10 Family Group Homes – six for girls and four for boys. Our boarders come from
a range of remote indigenous communities throughout northern Australia, and range in age from 12-
18 years. They have all been assessed for ABSTUDY by Centrelink.

Next steps

If you would like to have your child considered for a place at Marrara Christian College as a boarder,
please call us on (08) 8920 2000.

We can answer any questions and provide you with an application form.

Application Forms and Documents:

Boarding Application Form

Student and Family Profile Form

School Profile – From Previous School Form

TSU Consent to Assist