Principal’s Welcome

Marrara Christian College is a very special place, passionate about partnering with parents in the education of their children.

• If you are looking for a school your children can enjoy – we are the school for you.
• If you are looking for a school with a strong academic tradition – we are the school for you.
• If you are looking for a school whose staff love working with students from early learning to Senior – we are the school for you.
• If you are looking for a school that cares about who students become as much as how well they perform – we are the school for you.
• If you are looking for a school that is honest about what it believes and the values it teaches – we are the school for you.

Marrara Christian College offers parents a genuine alternative for the education of their children. Graduates of Marrara are not only top academic performers but also great young men and women of character who know what it means to be dedicated, compassionate, make right choices and serve others.

We also recognise that not every student wants to go to university and so we provide them with a range of alternative pathways where they can excel in learning to use their God given gifts and talents to not just have an abundant life but actively serve their families and communities as well.

We have one of Australia’s leading / preeminent boarding programs at the College, catering to remote indigenous students. Groups of ten students live in the suburbs across Darwin in family group homes. This program continues to produce outstanding results helping students through their secondary years, even though they are a long way from home.

Our genuine commitment to being a Christian educational community means that all our staff are active Christians who believe that God made each child special and with a purpose. We see our role in the education of students as assisting parents to help their children discover their gifts, develop them and consider the ways in which they may be used to serve others.

We do not just fill students up with education, but help the students to discover their God given potential and develop their character to enable them to make a positive contribution to society now and after they have finished school through implementing a comprehensive biblically-based curriculum and experiences.

If you are reading this and thinking that I am biased, you would be correct – I am. I think the College is a great place to educate your kids. So much so, that I am not only the Principal of the college I am a parent here too. My three children attend the college and my wife teaches here as well.

Welcome to Marrara and we look forward to partnering with you in the education of your children.

Yours in Christ’s Service

Andrew Manning, Principal