Curriculum (Middle School)

The Middle School (Years 7, 8 and 9) is part of an integrated learning program underpinned by an understanding of and reflection on what the Bible says. This Christian perspective is seen right from our Early Learning Centre and flows through to Year 12. As adolescence is a distinct development phase it requires a unique response.

Being the bridge between Primary and Senior schooling, Middle School not only aims to nurture and stimulate students, we seek to inspire and engage our students through programs which will enable them to cultivate a love of learning and therefore maximise their growth.

To meet the needs of the adolescent learner and to challenge our students we provide;

  • Relevant and contextually appropriate curriculum
  • Carefully appointed, passionate staff who are continuing to grow professionally and personally
  • Age-appropriate pedagogy including the use of the latest interactive technologies supported by a campus-wide wireless network
  • Concept-based and, as much as possible, activity-based interpretation and programming of the Australian Curriculum
  • Differentiated delivery and where required, modified assessment
  • Short courses, formally known as electives, which expose students to fields such as woodwork, metal work, food technology, outdoor education and art; just to name a few.

A further means by which we meet the needs of young adolescents at Marrara Christian College is the provision of several large open-space areas which gives teachers the option to deliver classes using a collaborative model. Classes such as Maths Prac, STEM and Performing Arts rehearsals utilise these facilities. In turn, this enhances a special sense of identity for our Middle School students.