Curriculum (Primary)

Marrara Christian College seeks to provide the highest quality education from a Biblical perspective, so that students are educated within a Christian worldview.
Education includes but is not isolated to just academics. Education involves the development of the whole child – physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive. Therefore, for learning to be effective for the whole child, connected learning in the context of telling a story is key.
NT Christian Schools primary teachers have worked together to create connections across the curriculum, in the context of story, to stimulate engagement and rich learning.
The connected units cover curriculum from endorsed learning areas from the Australian Curriculum.
Some of the connected units titles are – ‘Made by God’, ‘We are family’, ‘Life in the pond’, ‘Journeys’, ‘Why is it so?’, ‘The great race’, and ‘Light of the world’.
These connected units are taught in all NT Christian Schools primary schools which promote sharing of resources, activities, moderation of learning and knowledge. It has been a wonderful opportunity to be part of our wider family in the Territory.
Please talk to the Head of Primary or your class teacher for further information about curriculum at Marrara Christian College.