Council Report

Council Report – 2016

Thank you for taking the time to read this and be involved in the growth and life of our amazing school.

As we reflect on the previous 12 months I am reminded of two phrases. There is an often repeated proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child” and the opening phrase in the NT Christian Schools vision statement, “We desire to be a Christian community…”. I see a vibrant, loving and accomplished Christian community raising our children. I see non-teaching staff, parents, admin staff, grandparents, teaching staff, other relatives, students, and many others all engaged in the task of ‘raising a child’. And what a great job they do.

As we discuss the past it would be easy to begin looking at events and programs to ascertain success. We often ask questions like “What did we do?”. Rather than look at a quantity of things we can fit into a year and count them off the calendar I would like to ask a different question. Rather than asking a quantity question I want to ask a quality question but to do that I need to draw attention to the NT Schools Strategic Framework.

The NT Schools Strategic Framework lists a number of Focus Areas;

Faith Matters – Christian Identity
People Matter – Care and Wellbeing
Learning Matters – School and Programs
Leadership Matters – Governance and Leadership
Relationships Matter – Community and Culture
Stewardship Matters – Finance and Resources

To look at quality rather than quantity these are the standards to measure against. A quality question would be “How well do we address these areas?” another question might be “Do we reflect these focus areas in our School?”. Both of these questions we should be asking all year round not just at strategic moments like Local Members Meetings. And to provide answers, “YES, I believe we are doing very well”.

I am pleased to report that the last 12 months have been an amazing time in the life of Marrara Christian College. Of course every year has its own unique challenges, joys, intricacies, celebrations and successes. The end of 2015 saw students graduate and the start of 2016 saw new enrollments. This is combined with the changeover of staff that occurs from year to year. And yet through all the changes that occur there is a wonderful cohesion and embracing of vision.

Whilst I have only been Chair of the Council for a few short months I can say without a shadow of doubt that the future is bright. Council Members are strengthening themselves in the work of governance and the understanding of the roles and responsibilities that come with that. Using tools like the Board and School Council Matrix there have been clearer and stronger boundaries and delegations.

And how could we go any further without remembering the well-known Proverb “train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Prov 22:6. This is an often quoted Proverb (and rightly so) and I pray in the many times we hear it we do not lose the weight of it. It is so pivotal and foundational to our beliefs and the reasons we undertake Christian Schooling. Not so we can pat ourselves on the back with lovely children but so we can fulfill the closing phrase of our Vision Statement…”[O]ffering hope to the world”.

Darran Plumb, Council Chair