Assessment and Reporting

At Marrara Christian College we value academic achievement as part of our students’ holistic journey during their time with us. To ensure high academic standards, we assess each student’s work using a variety of supportive strategies. This includes adjusting for students learning (formative), as a learning experience, and learning through final assessments (summative) which they produce throughout the year.

Assessment Task Sheets

All of our assessment task sheets are available to each child when they login to our online learning environment, called Canvas. We also post a copy to our Student Management System, Compass, so parents can see their child’s tasks when they login to view their page, via the parent portal. Our task sheets all include key elements for students so they can clearly understand what is required of them. This means each task will include a description of the activity, a link to the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standard it is based on, and the marking criteria.


In each unit, students will produce a set work which demonstrates evidence of achievement based on the standards in the Australian Curriculum. A written report using a 5-point grading scale is sent home near the end of each semester, to give parents a clear picture of their child’s academic achievements in the year.

Parent – Teacher Conferences

In Terms 1 and 3 there are parent-teacher conferences, where parents can discuss their child’s progress with teachers. Bookings are made by parents via our online booking system.

We strongly encourage regular communication with the school so teachers can answer any questions or concerns parents may have about their child’s study throughout the year. Parents can contact teachers at any time, via phone, email or through the Compass parent portal.